About Us

This project began in the fall of 2009 when one friend asked another, "Do you think we could get the knitters at church to make 50 hats to bring to the homeless shelter on Christmas Eve?" and the other friend didn't pause for a second when she said "Yes!"

The original goal was just 50 hats to bring along on Christmas Eve when a group of people from First Universalist Church would be serving the meal at Simpson Housing Shelter in Minneapolis. What happened over the course of that fall blew us away: over 300 handknit hats came in from all over the Twin Cities, all over our state and all over the country!

2010 saw an increase of 200% when 900 handknit hats came in over the year! All of these hats were given to folks in need around Minneapolis.

We are excited to continue this project for 2011 and invite you to participate with us!