Sunday, January 1, 2012

Rounding out 2011

We are humbled and honored to report that we have received and distributed 1,200 hats and 200 scarves this winter season thus far. TWELVE HUNDRED! Wow. Knitters, you have outdone yourselves with the amazingly beautiful and warm hats and accessories that you have made with your own two hands for our homeless friends. Each and every one was given to a person in need and each and every person in need was grateful. And we are continually grateful for your efforts, handiwork and kindness.

A complete list of collaborating organizations will be posted soon. For now, we are still weaving in a few loose ends and still collecting and giving hats (Old Man Winter seems to have finally arrived here in the Northland, and it's cold). And...we're still knitting too.

Please continue to send in hats throughout the winter and we will be sure to share them with those in need.

Thank you! May 2012 find you happy and warm.