Saturday, October 26, 2013

Lots of knitting happening.

Knitters from all over the Twin Cities attended our “Hats for the Homeless” kick-off on October 15th at StevenBe Studio/Yarn Garage. Thirty-five knitters logged in 99 hours of knitting time; many arrived with bags full of hats that they had knit over the summer. We are off to a good start....having collected 215 hats on October 15th.

Who are we? We are everyday people who have a passion for knitting and want to share the “Gift of Warmth” with folks who have hit hard times in their lives; many are living in shelters and others don’t know from one night to another where they will be sleeping.

What happens at a charity knitting event? It’s a very exciting and busy day watching all the knitters working on their project and connecting with other knitters in the community; we exchange patterns, knitting tips, talk about wool vs. acrylic (everyone has their favorite) and whether we pick or throw when we knit. Let’s take a look...

  • Jean is newly retired and loves spending an afternoon with other knitters
  • Michele is weaving in ends on the big pile of hats she has finished
  • Lisa just finished her first hat
  • Mary is teaching Jean how to knit
  • Linda knows lots of knitters and has promised to spread the word about knitting “Hats for the Homeless”
  • Ann arrives with four bags full of hats that her church knitting group has made
  • Joyce can knit Latvian mittens but wonders if she can figure out how to knit a hat
  • Jeremy and Bridget are kept busy answering questions, helping with yarn selections and keeping the coffee pot and teapot full.
We need adult large and extra large hats knit in darker heads are bigger than you think.

Hats are due early December at the various drop-off sites listed.
Linden Yarn & Textile, Inc.
5814 Excelsior Boulevard
St. Louis Park, MN 55416

StevenBe Studio/Yarn Garage
3448 Chicago Ave. So.
Minneapolis, MN 55407

1601 E. Lake Street.
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Let’s meet up at Butter Bakery on 37th and Nicollet.....on Saturday, November 16th at 11:00 a.m. Bring along your knitting.

Questions, please contact:
Barb Melom