Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Summary of 2012



 A big warm thank you to knitters and stitchers all across the country who sent beautiful warm and wooly hats and scarves to cold Minneapolis to be given to the homeless and other people in need. Close to twenty agencies received donations from us. Several of the shelters allowed us to come in and hand out our hats and scarves….as the folks inquired about where the items had come from, they were really touched when told that the hats and scarves were made just for them. It was very heart-warming to watch the folks look over the new hats/scarves and choose one they really liked.

With the help of Ravelry and other social media, the number of hats received this year exceeded 1,550 and as of today, January 23, 2013, hats are still arriving in the mail and knitters are dropping off items at our local yarn shops. Scarves numbered over 200.

Just this week on the front page of the Star Tribune was this article “Homeless numbers hit highs not seen in a decade.” The Wilder Foundation research on homelessness in 2009 counted over 9,600 homeless adults, youth, and children living in shelters, transitional housing and on the streets. This increase in homelessness can be attributed to job loss, housing foreclosures, lack of affordable housing, and tough economic times. Keep sending hats and scarves our way!

Looking ahead in 2013, we will be scheduling several “Knit for Charity” days throughout the year at Steven Be’s on 35th and Chicago Ave. In Minneapolis, we’ll continue to “knit in public” at farmers’ markets – talking to new stitchers about the project. Knitting groups are popping up in coffee shops and I’ve been told there is even a group of knitters who meet on Friday nights at an Irish pub to knit hats. Church and senior knitting groups also donate to the cause.

A few reminders:
·         Adult large and extra large
·         Preferably washable wool
·         Men prefer dark solid colors
·         Women and kids like more colorful hats
·         When in doubt, knit the hat an inch or two longer, to give the ears extra protection
·         Drop down a needle size to get a nice tight stitch

Hats for the Homeless drop off sites:

Linden Yarn & Textile, Inc.
5814 Excelsior Boulevard
St. Louis Park, MN  55416

3448 Chicago Ave. So.
Minneapolis, MN  55407

1601 E. Lake Street.
Minneapolis, MN  55407

Again, With Warmest Wishes and Thanks to all the stitchers, the yarn shops for collecting the items and being there to answer questions, those who helped sort and count the hats and scarves,...those who helped with delivery,...all of you who showed up on Saturdays to knit in public at the farmers’ market,...thanks to the knitters who helped new people learn to knit, those who donated yarn,...the tech support – hope I didn’t miss anyone. Hats for the Homeless is truly a community wide project that brings people together – knitting for a cause.

Barbara Melom