Thursday, November 17, 2011

So many beautifully warm hats have been coming in, see the tally to the right! -->

The only trouble with these incredible hats is that the vast majority of them are for women and children. We will gladly (happily! joyously!) distribute these hats to the women and children, but our male homeless neighbors may be left in the cold at this rate.

Please consider knitting a much larger hat with very plain, dark wool and don't put any creative flairs on it. I know, I know, that's very hard for creative knitters to imagine! But trust me, they will be warmly received and very much appreciated. See pattern notes above or previous blog posts below for details on the hats for men.



  1. I have just started crocheting hats with the intention of giving them to the homeless, so HAPPY to find this site! I will be getting a bunch done!

  2. Is it possible this deadline will be extended? I just found out about this project today and I want to donate!


  3. Yes! Please keep sending hats in. The early deadline is so we can get critical mass of hats to distribute early on, but we keep distributing all winter long. Thanks!